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Each TNG staff is committed to providing high quality products and services, to meet the needs of customers. The purpose of our business is based on "quality first", and "zero leakage", our corporation has established a quality management system.
We recognize that, our products and services is the key to the success of our customers, we build a sustainable quality improvement policy to reduce customer claims and treatment failure.

We recognize that, our success depends on our customer satisfaction, therefore, our goal:
> To meet customer requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations
> continue to improve effectiveness and efficiency in our business process
> Seeking, listen and respond to customer feedback, project

Quality system on our business practice is an indivisible, our staff is committed to continuous improvement of product quality. In order to ensure that our policy to satisfy customers, our top management team is responsible for

> To ensure that the quality policy of our employees understand and communication company
> To ensure that decision is the fact that the analysis based on data and information
> development effective way, to ensure that our policy is understood, the realization and maintenance of all levels in the organization. Our quality policy is based on three fundamental principles
> Ensure that we identify and meet the needs of our customers
> Looking at products flow supply us, identify potential errors and take the necessary action to eliminate them
> all employees understand how their work done

WenZhou TianGu Seal Co., Ltd was founded in 1982, is located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province Economic and Technological Development Zone, China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Industry Association, in the mechanical seal product design, manufacturing and sales of businesses.