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A mechanical seal is widely used in rotating equipment such as pumps, mixers and compressors. to prevent leakage between a shaft and the housing is a characteristic feature of the mechanical seal.

Mechanical seals include two opposing faces; one Rotary while the other is stationary. A spring provides the mechanical force necessary for sealing the ceramic faces.  Ceramic, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide and carbon are the most common sealing face materials. Many other materials are used depending on the application. Temperature and different types of chemicals play a role in determining the material. O-rings are also part of a mechanical seal. The o-rings act as a fluid barrier, usually stationary and do not rotate with one another like the ceramic faces do. Common o-ring materials consist of Nitrile, Silicone, EPDM and VITON.

As an indispensable sealing device of rotating equipment, mechanical seal because of its reliable operation, a small amount of leakage, long service life, less power consumption and other characteristics, has been widely applied in the pump, compressor, reaction kettle, blender, rotary tower, centrifuge and filter and other process equipment.

Mechanical seal failure or leak will affect the mechanical equipment operation, bring a loss to the factory, the accident may severely, causing casualties or environmental consequences. So we want to have certain knowledge of mechanical seal of knowledge.

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Components of a Mechanical Seal

A.O-Ring                                             B. Stationary Seat

C. Rotary Face                                     D. Bellows
E. Back-up Ring                                    F. Push Ring

G. Spring                                             H. Drive Sleeve


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