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Mechanical seal patent Certification(CN101696728A)

  • 2017/2/22 14:46:46
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In the 1970s to 1990s, the mechanical seal technology, especially high-parameter pump seal technology has achieved a breakthrough, such as high-speed dry gas face seal occasion, hot hydrodynamic wedge mechanical face high pressure or high temperature applications sealing has been obtained in the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, nuclear and aerospace fields applied successfully, but the known parameters of the shaft end is sealed with high mechanical face, there are still some deficiencies. For example, ① dry gas face seal speed pump applications (see US technology magazine Lubrication Engineering, 1990,46 (9):. Pp607, US Patent M98007 and 20,020,093,141, Chinese patent 96216242. 6,01279564 X and 02132978.8), its carrying capacity is limited and subject to friction and wear during start-up or parking problems and thermal deformation. ② porous or dimpled seal, whether it is the whole surface of the aperture seal (see US technology magazine iTribology Transactions, 1996, 39 (3): pp677 and US Patent 6,046,430), or the surface portion of the opening face seal (see Tribology Transactions, 2002,45 (3):. pp430; USA Patent 6341782 and world patent W002093046; Chinese patent 200510038704. 9,200620100860 3 and 200,720,106,746.6), despite generating dynamic pressure is better, but there are still not strong pressure, anti-interference ability is not strong, not strong adaptability under deformation and high parametric conditions such as lack of easy leak. ③ surface waviness mechanical face seal (see US Patent 4836561,6446976) and thermal hydrodynamic wedge mechanical seal (see British Newnes-Butterworths, London-Boston publishers seal expert E. Mayer of Germany monograph = Mechanical Seals. (1977 )) are dependent on the degree of seal face wave generating dynamic pressure effect to achieve separation of the end face, the purpose of reducing the wear of the former surface waviness is formed by processing, surface waviness which is formed in the course of which the degree of amplitude and wave circumference of the end surface of the frequency of changes related to the processing of the deep grooves. Compared with ① and ② described sealing, such surface waviness of the former mechanical seal has good voltage performance, which has good high temperature performance, but limited dynamic pressure effect, limits the load carrying capacity of the mechanical seal and the high-speed conditions Under the self-balancing properties.

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