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Metal bellows mechanical seal is not easy accumulation of debris

  • 2015/1/13 9:41:54
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In recent years, with the developmentof technology,mechanical seal technologyhas also beendramatically improved.Mechanical sealdesign approachcan beclassified asnon-propelledandpush,pushO-ringtype mechanicalseals,mechanicalseals, etc.wedge ring,non-propelledbellows-typemechanical seals, bellowstype mechanicalsealshavemetalbellows mechanicalseals,PTFE bellowsmechanical seals, rubberbellows mechanical seal, and so on.

Next welook atthe metalbellows mechanical sealisa very broad applicationofdynamic sealingstructureissealed tosealan auxiliarydeviceleakageresistance.Metalbellows mechanical sealfloatinggood,easyaccumulation of debris,from wear and tear, etc.,in the food,petrochemical and other industriesplay an importantrole.

The Reasons lead to mechanical seal leakage
Double mechanical seal can be divided into four categories
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